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    May 3, 2021
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    Whatever the desire of your heart—better schools, better neighborhoods, more positive workplaces, more connected families, or more engaged communities—Change Your World will guide you through the entire process to take action and start making an impact today right where you are.

    You can bring about positive, lasting change in the world, and you don’t have to be rich and famous or lead a big organization to do it.

    Global leadership and development icons John C. Maxwell and Rob Hoskins provide the inspiring and practical roadmap to get started being the change you want to see – in your community and beyond.

    For many of us, the world we live in feels broken, yet change is easier than we think.  Learn from the firsthand experiences shared by the authors from their work helping to transform communities, businesses, and millions of lives around the world.

    In Change Your World, they show you how to

    • Identify your cause
    • Live out the values that make a difference
    • Become a catalyst for change
    • Join the right team or recruit one of your own
    • Work together with others to make a difference
    • Measure your impact and keep improving

    You’ll not only be encouraged to make a difference based on the needs you see around you; you’ll be equipped to take action and start making an impact today.

    Change Your World (2021) is a hands-on guide for those yearning to transform themselves and their communities.

    Instead of being daunted by all the problems in the world, we can identify the issues that are most important to us, and take concrete actions toward finding a solution.

    Even small actions can have a ripple effect, inspiring others to join us in working for change.

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