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Thank you for patronizing our product search and advertising services.
By using our Services, Clients (a shop/business representative/shop owner) or users (visitor to the website) agree to these terms. If ever in conflict, to the extent of such conflict, the Reapp.com.gh terms will take precedence over any other terms of the Agreement.

The basic offer, that is registration and upload of products by a shop owner, is FREE for a minimum of 30 days after which a shop owner will be required to select a payment package if he/she desires to continue beyond the FREE trial.

Businesses who use our paid plan can owe up to a maximum of one month subscription after which their account will be suspended if payment is not made.

Reapp.com.gh reserves the right to take down any advertisements which do not comply with company policy/principles and/or laws of the state. Clients who behave fraudulently/generally violate policies or exceed their one month non payment grace period may have their account suspended permanently.

Reapp.com.gh reserves the right to suspend any user or client account that violates our terms and conditions.

Reapp.com.gh has the right to modify content to comply with company policies as well as serve both advertisers and users better.

Clients and users of Reapp.com.gh agree that Reapp.com.gh is not responsible for any illegalities concerning content advertised on this platform. Reapp.com.gh, its owners and managers will not be held accountable for any damage, injury, misinformation or loss arising from content advertised on this website.

Reapp.com.gh is not responsible for any website which may be available through a link or reference in Reapp.com.gh and as such will not take responsibility for any damage, loss or misinformation which may arise from content on those websites.

Reapp.com.gh has the right to modify its terms and conditions at any time. Advertisers and users are responsible for reviewing any such modification. Reapp.com.gh will not be held accountable for any inconvenience arising from not being aware of any modification.

Clients who use our account management services agree to indemnify Reapp.com.gh from any liabilities or third party lawsuits that may arise as a result of the information uploaded on behalf of the client

Reapp.com.gh is not responsible for any third party delivery service advertised or recommended by or on this website.

Clients and users of goods on Reapp.com.gh will not hold Reapp.com.gh responsible for any error in information advertised on Reapp.com.gh.

Refunds will only be made available to shops or businesses that advertise via web banner or use the paid packages, if Reapp.com.gh fails to run the package the client requested.

Reapp.com.gh has the ownership and rights to all original content on this website as such none of the original content on this site should be replicated without explicit written permission from management of Reapp.com.gh.

If any term in this agreement is held to be legally unenforceable, the other enforceable terms should still be enforced.


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