Shift Your Thinking: 200 Ways to Improve Your Life Autobiographies and Self Development Books

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    In the battleground of the mind, many of us are ill-equipped. We say we want to grow, improve, and succeed, but so often we silently and effectively kill our own dreams by the things we tell ourselves. Shift Your Thinking provides truly unconventional, yet highly practical ways to re-engineer our thought-life and behaviors so we can attain the things we say are important to us. Dean Del Sesto shows busy readers how to make small shifts in their thinking that can have big impacts. These to-the-point readings will provoke, inspire, and move readers to improve all areas of life, work, and relationships through simple, yet critical shifts in the way we govern our thinking. Del Sesto introduces readers to provocative ideas like

    •If we were a brand would we buy ourselves, or keep shopping?
    •During tough times in life, it’s easy to medicate ourselves with distraction.
    •When we begin to think less of what people think of us, it is then we are able to think.
    •If we gossiped about ourselves for a week, we might never gossip about another again.
    •Don’t confuse being a visionary with the ability to actually bring forth a vision.
    •Wisdom is saying enough to prove our point, not our existence.

    Each principle can be applied instantly to readers’ lives, making Shift Your Thinking a useful, valuable source of inspiration and motivation in a rapidly changing world.

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