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Store Name: Beebe Line Cosmetics Call :0554314616 2nd Telephone Number: 0261734403 Whatsapp Number: 0554314616 Location: Community 16 Junction, Lashibi, Accra-Ghana Email ID:
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Oct 10, 2020
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General specifications at a glance

  • Aichun beauty Scar Cream
  • WHAT YOU NEED: Small accidents, surgery or acne, they all leave scars that are quite difficult to deal with. Luckily, our team has designed the amazing tissue ointment by Aichun Beauty, a universal cream that will help you deal with scars easy and fast.
  • FOR ANY SCAR: Our top healing cream can be used to blur out any type of scar, from a C-section to small cuts or burns. You can use our dermatological gel even in the case of deep acne scars that can fade out faster.
  • EASY TO USE: Why do our clients swear by the Aichung Beauty scarring cream? Because it is easy to use and requires a single application daily. The formula is lightweight and non-greasy, managing to hydrate the skin as well.
  • UV PROTECTION: One way through which our scar removing cream helps with tissue regeneration is by ensuring 30 SPF protection, which creates a barrier against the harming effects of the sun on the epidermis, allowing the skin to heal.

Aichun scar cream permanently erase acne scars, surgery scars , stretch marks. Both old and new scar completely for a beautiful smooth skin.

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