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    Jan 6, 2020
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    General Specifications At A Glance

    • Yoga Mat or Exercise Mat
    • Comfortable and Durable to use on any hard surface to improve balance and coordination
    • Ergonomic Design with Non-Slip Bottom provides stability when adopting any number of Yoga poses
    • Printed with 28 Popular Yoga Poses such as Matsyasana Stretch, Cat Camel and Childs Pose
    • Perfect for Yoga, Pilates, Stretching, Exercises, Meditation, Zen Sessions and General Workouts
    • Exercise Mat Dimensions: L173cm x W61cm / L68″ x W24″ (approx.)

    Enjoy your yoga or Pilates practice without having to bunch up towels to put under your knees or back. Get all of the comfort and cushion you need from the Hillington Back Health Yoga Mat. The thick foam creates a barrier between you and hard floors so you can do Matsyasana Stretch, Cat Camel or Childs Pose without discomfort. At 173cm in Length and Over 60cm Wide, this versatile mat suits most anyone, even tall users.

    The Hillington Back Health Yoga Mat or exercise mat provides a non-skid mat surface for fitness and exercise of various types, and it is naturally moisture-resistant. Its easy to clean and roll up after working out, and it comes with a free carry bag with should strap to make it easy to carry to and from your yoga or Pilates workout session!

    The Hillington Back Health Yoga Mat or exercise mat is pre-printed with 28 of the Best Yoga Positions to Strengthen your Back and Overall Body. Includes – Hip Flexors Floor Stretch, Hip Flexors Halfway Stretch, Middle Back Flex, Extension Stretch, Crunches, Obliques, Hamstring Stretch, QL Stretch, Shoulder Opener, Figure Four Leg Stretch, Cat Camel, Hamstring Stretch, TFL Glutes Stretch, Quad Stretch, Glutes Piriformis Stretch, Adductors Stretch, TFLQL Stratch, Child Pose, Rolling Knee Tuck, Reverse Curl Back Stretch, Bridge, Matsyasana Stretch, Inverted V Stretch, Chest Opener, Palm Pull Tricep Stretch, Side Glide, Upright Bridge, and Savasana Cool Down. is the right place to shop! Choose to shop the easy way!



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