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    Mar 26, 2021
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    Life. Liberty. And the Pursuit of Entrepreneurship.
    Build A Business That Goes Beyond Paying Bills: It Changes Your Life.

    MJ DeMarco’s long awaited follow-up to the international best-seller, The Millionaire Fastlane, UNSCRIPTED is the definitive blueprint for escaping the cultural conditioning of the mundane and mediocre; learn how to create an awe-inspiring life using the power of entrepreneurship. UNSCRIPTED is not something your TRY, it is something you LIVE. Over 400+ pages, here is just a little of what you will learn:

    • How to reverse engineer an opportunity in any industry, despite big competition and big pockets.
    • The entrepreneurial ‘productocracy’; – how to be an entrepreneur that prints money where advertising is not the fire, but the fuel.
    • How media, education, and government has conspired to keep you enslaved in a Monday-Friday slave cycle.
    • Wall-Street’s compound interest scam; how this dirty little secret keeps the fiscal prostitutes rich, and you, patiently poor.
    • The one thing that powers motivation, setting the stage for grinding to victory or quitting. (Sorry, it’s not passion, love, or any of the guru circle-jerking platitudes)
    • The business framework that makes the difference between a venture that pays bills, and a venture that changes your life.
    • The 3 false flags of a continuation move (or a failure) quit too early you could be throwing away millions.
    • The SCRIPTED hyperrealities; how cultural engineering has scripted you to unremarkable mediocrity, and how to see through their lies.
    • The best passive income business in existence, and how you can grab its entry ticket which is limited only to a very few.
    • And hundreds more paradigm-busting strategies on every page.

    Life is not about forfeiting Monday-thru-Friday, paying bills for 50 years and then dying. It’s time to win more than a paycheck and a 2 week vacation.

    Win back your freedom. Your dreams. And your life. Go #UNSCRIPTED.

    If you want more out of your life, but feel trapped or that you can’t succeed no matter how much you try, this book may just hold the breakthrough you’ve been looking for. There is no “formula” or “secret” that is revealed in the book – just a sobering and analytical look at the way societal norms and pressures can be affecting you without you even knowing it. Before you can release yourself from these “invisible chains” (the script), you must first make them visible. As the book keeps reminding you..if you want the same results as everyone else around you living a “normal life”, then keep doing what you (and everyone else) is doing. If you want more, you are going to have to write your own script and find your own way to get there. This book serves as a guide to do exactly that.

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