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    LOVINA SHEA BUTTER is an off-white or ivory-colored fat extracted from the nut of the Shea tree and is widely used in cosmetics as a moisturizer, salve or lotion. Lovina Shea Butter is one of the most versatile natural beauty ingredients. It is rich in fats that make it an excellent emollient and skin moisturizing agent.

    Our product is extracted using only water and is good for all skin types and can be used as a moisturizer for dry skin. It can also be used to smooth and soften the skin and is also good for wrinkle reduction (restores skin elasticity), treatment for acne and blemishes, skin inflammation, razor irritation and bumps, reduces stretch marks and gives relief to itchy and dry skin, repairs damaged hair, treats split ends and breakages, soothes dry and itchy scalp. It should be applied twice a week for hair growth. This will improve the hair texture and moisturize the hair. It has wide usage in curly hair treatments due to its emollient qualities.
    Lovina Shea Butter also contains vitamins A and E, which not only keep the skin in optimal health but also protect it from being damaged by the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation. These components give shea butter a mild sun protection factor (SPF). Vitamin E also soothes dry skin and improves the skin’s elasticity, making this butter a good anti-aging agent.

    How To Use
    It can be applied directly to your face before you go to sleep. Applying cream with shea butter as part of your skincare routine in the morning might take some getting used to. Learn more ways to use shea butter in our blog posts.
    Did u know shea butter is edible? Learn more of the benefits of shea butter for health and nutrition facts in our monthly blogs. You can subscribe to receive updates on posts.
    Lovina Shea Butter is vegan-friendly and available in 260g retail and 25kg wholesale.
    Store in a cool environment away from the sun.

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