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    Jun 26, 2021
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    The BRIO is an adjustable pressure sensing controller with dry run protection. Designed to automate the operation of an electric pump, the BRIO 2000MT has the ability to sense a drop in pressure in the system (opening a tap or valve). The pump controller will turn off the pump when the tap valve is closed and the system is re-pressurised and the flow ceases. (Starts and stops the pump with the opening and closing of the taps). The BRIO can be used in conjunction with shower pumps in installations where there is a ‘negative head’ otherwise known as ‘universal head’ (when the shower head is above the water level in the cold water storage tank), and also where the pumps are supplying several outlets at once e.g. body jets or rain bars, or domestic water supplies (toilets, taps, washing machines). The BRIO comes complete with a pressure gauge which allows the starting pressure value and system pressure to be easily checked. The unit will also protect the pump from dry running if the water supply should fail. The MT version also has a built-in timer which will automatically try to reset itself 4 times in 60 minutes in the event of a previous shut down due to a lack of water.

    BRIO controllers are suitable for use in pairs to operate shower pumps on hot (max 65°C) and cold supplies, subject to the maximum electric load (12 amps) not being exceeded.

    The BRIO is designed for use on clean water. If there is a possibility of sediment, a suitable filter should be installed before the unit.


    Automates the start and stop operations of an electric pump
    Replaces traditional water system set up (pressure switch and pressure tank)
    Starts the electric pump after a drop in pressure (tap opening)
    Stops the electric pump when the fluid flow stops at the maximum pressure level (taps closing)
    Protects against dry running
    Adjustable Starting Pressure
    Standard 1″ Connections
    Can be installed in any position – horizontally or vertically
    Easily replaceable circuit board
    Maintenance Free
    Automatic reset after a stop caused by dry running, standard time-interval 60 min/4 tests



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