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    May 26, 2024
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    Miira tiara is a beauty supplement which are mixture of

    honey bee powder with ascorbic acid, collagen and

    tocotrienol specially formulated to nourish your skin

    from within by fitting into your daily lifestyle without

    causing disruption.

    Miira-tiara benefits and nutrition
    Moisturize and firms skin.
    Slow down aging process
    Prevent acne and pigmentation
    Gives brighter and glowing skin
    Remove blackhead and dull skin

    Benefits of camu-camu (myrciaria dubia)
    – Highest source of vitamin c 30-60 more than orange
    – Powerful antioxidant which prevent the development of chronic disease such as alzheimer, cancer, cataracts, heart disease and stroke
    – Helps maintain healthy gums, eyes and skin
    – Strengthens the immune system
    – Supports healthy liver, lungs, lymphatic and nervous system
    – Lifts the mood
    – Fight flu and cold
    – Reduces the inflammation in the body
    – Improves respiratory health

    Benefits of hithion
    Hithion is yeast extract that contain huge amounts of glutathione, which derived from torula yeast that is recognized by the food and drug administration (fda) as edible yeast
    Hithion helps our skin;
    – Increase skin elasticity
    – Helps brighten skins
    – Helps fight free radicals
    – Reduce appearance of dark spots
    – Restore youthful skin
    – Eliminate hyperpigmentation and melasma
    – Enhance protection of uv damage

    Benefits of ascorbic acid
    – Supports the structure and integrity of cells
    – Helps in the formation of collagen
    – Strengthen the immune system
    – Help fight free radicals
    – Helps maintaining health and wellness of the body
    – Helps improves the development healthy looking skin, muscles, and connective tissue

    Benefits of tocotrienol
    – From palm fruit and a member of the vitamin e family
    How tecotrienol helps our skin;
    – Minimise damage caused by free radicals
    – Helps to protect the brain cells from stroke, parkinson and alzheimer diseases
    – Helps to delay the aging processing cells, expedite wound healing and reduce scar formation
    – Helps protect liver from fatty liver disease
    – Helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease
    – Inhabits growth of cancer and tumor cells

    Benefits of honey bee powder
    – Brighten the skin complexion
    – Treats wounds and skin irritations
    – Relieves anxiety and stress
    – Moisturizes and hydrates the skin
    – Strengthen the immune systems
    – Delayed skin aging

    Benefits of salmon ovary peptide
    – Helps to repair cells and reactivate sleeping cells
    – Helps in improves blood vessels circulation movement
    – Helps regenerate new cells
    – Helps improve blood circulation
    – Helps as anti-inflammation
    – Helps improves skin texture, glow moisture and elasticity
    – Helps fight free radicals

    Directions of use
    – mix one sachet (7g) with 150ml cold water and drink

    What’s in the box
    24 X Miira Tiara Sachets




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