Miira Coffee Drinks

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    Mar 13, 2024
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    What is Miira-Coffee?
    Miira Coffee is an Arabica flavored healthy coffee with a perfect combination of natural ingredients blends of:
    – black seeds powder
    – dates powder
    – mangosteen skin extract
    – fingerroot extract
    – Arabica coffee
    – Nano sugar

    Miira-Coffee Benefits and Nutrition
    – Strengthens the body’s immune system
    – Helps control blood sugar
    – Helps provide energy
    – Reduce hunger
    – Helps improve the digestive system
    – Helps lower cholesterol level in the body
    – Helps control weight
    – Helps with the process of hair growth
    – Helps with Anti-Cancer & Anti-Inflammation process

    Ingredients and its benefits
    1. Fingerroot
    – Give a spicy and bitter taste, have a pleasant smell
    – Helps speed up the digestive system
    – Helps fight free radicals
    – Acts as an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial
    – Helps relieve tuberculosis
    – Helps control weight
    – Helps prevent tooth decay
    – Helps prevent breast cancer and colon cancer
    – Helps with flatulence and bloating
    2. Black seed
    – Helps increase fertility
    – Helps to lose weight
    – Helps boost the body s immune system
    – Helps speed up the digestive system
    – Helps to promote menstrual production
    – Helps control blood sugar and cholesterol levels
    – Acts as anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anticancer
    3. Arabica coffee
    – Contains low caffeine content
    – Helps increase stamina
    – Stabilize the mood
    – Has antioxidants that protect the body
    – Low calories in its natural state
    – Lower chances of having tooth cavities
    4. Mangosteen skin
    – Mangosteen contains substances that are claimed to cure various diseases
    – Helps lower blood sugar levels
    – Helps prevent heart disease
    – Helps boost the body s immune system
    – Helps prevent cancer
    – Helps lower cholesterol levels
    – Helps fight free radicals
    – Helps prevent stroke
    – Acts as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial
    5. Dates powder
    – Dates are a good source of fibre and excellent natural laxative that can ease constipation
    – Helps control weight
    – Helps speed up digestive system
    – Helps increase energy in the body
    – Helps lower cholesterol levels
    6. Nano Sugar
    – Helps balance the sugar content in the body
    – Helps increase energy in the body
    – Helps control weight

    a box of miira coffee contains 15 sachets each weighing 15g

    What’s in the box
    2 x Miira-coffee box that contains 15 sachets



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