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    General specifications at a glance- UPS Price In Ghana

    Mercury UPS 1500pro VA

    . Input Voltage:220VAC

    · Input Frequency: 50Hz

    · Input Phase: Single Phase

    · Power Cord: Built-in Cable with Fuse

    · Input Voltage Range (May vary as per Country requirement): 140~300VAC

    · Rating Output: 1500VA

    · Wave Form: Battery Mode (Simulated sine Wave) AC Mode (Synchronize with Input)

    · Rating Voltage: 220V

    · Output Range: 220VAC – 11% to + 17% (Battery Mode)

    · Rear Output Socket: 4x Universal – Battery Backup

    · Transfer Time: Typical 4-8ms

    · Communication Interface: Nil

    · Rating Frequency: 50Hz

    · Line Mode: Synchronize with the Utility

    · Battery Mode: 50Hz±1Hz

    · Line Mode: FUSE & Firmware Protection

    · Battery Mode: Firmware Protection

    · Line Mode: 110%±5% (go to fault mode after 5 minutes) 120%±5% (go to fault mode immediately)

    · Battery Mode: 85%±5% (shut down after 5 seconds) 100%±5% (shut down immediately)

    · Rating: 2x12V/8.2AH

    · Backup Time – Typical: 30mins~40mins (Depending On Load)

    · Charging Current: About 1A at Normal Mode

    · Overcharge Protection: 29V±0.2V(Stop Charging) <27V ±0.5V(Recharge)

    The 1500va (1.5kva) output Mercury Elite Pro Line Interactive UPS is a fairly robust unit for regukar office or home appliances, including computers, printers, TVs, home entertainment systems, etc. The Mercury UPS range is trusted for superior performance, in the affordable price range.

    The Mercury Elite 1500 Pro Line Interactive UPS is an advanced UPS design, with built-in AVR (automatic voltage regulator) to withstand the power voltage fluctuations that are common with our power supply.Other built-in protection measures to safeguard your appliances and also ensure the durability of the UPS include: overload protection, short-circuit protection, deep battery discharge protection and battery overcharge protection.

    The Mercury Elite 1500 Pro can support up to 900 W power output requirement. Backup time will depend on load, but up to 40 minutes is possible from this UPS.

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