Immufort Ultraboost Colostrum Health and Wellness

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    Immufort – the defence you need
    three key benefits of immufort
    protection? increases the body?s immunity and protects against harmful bacteria and infection.
    Promotion ? works with the immune system to promote support, balance and wellbeing.
    Power? boosts cell growth and repair throughout the body, to strengthen overall health.
    New image immufort ultraboost colostrum complies with international industry and food safety guidelines.
    Immunoglobulin – also known as antibodies ? are proteins produced mainly by plasma cells in our blood. They are used by our body?s immune system to identify and neutralise pathogens such as bacteria and viruses.
    Immufort contains four of these powerful antibodies ? igg (protection), iga (anti-inflammatory), igm (boosting natural immunity) and igf1 (cell growth and regeneration) ? all working together with your body?s natural defence systems to fortify and strengthen your health and wellbeing.

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    • When your immune system needs an extra boost, give it 1100mg of concentrated double strength 40% IgG Colostrum* containing 440mg of Immunoglobulins.
    • Immunoglobulins are your body’s natural warriors that attack viruses & bacteria you are exposed to every day.
    • Nutrients to help repair aged or injured muscle, skin, collagen, bone cartilage & nerve tissue supporting natural, health ageing.
    • The perfect protection for busy active lives, frequent travellers or anyone who needs extra immune support.
    • Pleasant-tasting chewable tablets.

    Bovine colostrum is a naturally-occurring substance collected from pasture-fed cows. Its powerful proteins and antibodies support your body’s immune system, helping you feel fit, healthy and protected. With no added gluten, salt, artificial colouring or preservatives.


    • 550mg Bovine Colostrum Powder
    • 220mg Immunoglobulins – 40% IgG


    For best results, chew or dissolve 2 tablets on the tongue daily.

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