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    Feb 25, 2021
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    General specifications at a glance

    • Fenugreek Powder
    • Powder or Seeds is ideal for hair loss,breast enlargement,butt enlargement and also good for nursing mothers
    • This humble herb has many impressive benefits for promoting good health, hair and skin. It is known to improve testosterone levels and also control blood sugar levelsHEALTH
      1. Boosts Lactation
      The diosgenin content of the spice is highly capable of boosting the production of milk in lactating women. Hence, fenugreek powder is also a must for would-be mothers as well as moms with newborn babies2. Maintains The Hormonal Balance
      Certain chemical substances present in fenugreek possess properties like estrogen. They assist in maintaining the hormonal balance and enlarging the breasts in femalesSKIN
      3. Provides Natural Glow
      Fenugreek can be used as a great homemade facial scrub. Its regular use can lead to a naturally glowing skin by removing dead cells and diminishing blackheads * Mix 1 tablespoon of fenugreek powder in yoghurt
      * Apply this paste evenly on face
      * Leave for 10 mins – repeat this twice a week
      4. Treats Oily Skin
      When used in face pack or face mask, fenugreek powder can reduce the oiliness of our skin and make it free from acne * Mix 1 tablespoon of fenugreek powder in water
      * Take a cotton ball and soak * Apply it on the affected areas
      You can notice visible oil controlHAIR
      5. Hair Growth
      It stimulates your hair follicles and enables better hair growth as it strengthens the roots of your hair and prevent hair loss. It can be both consumed for internal detoxification and for external application to impart health, voluminous hair * Mix fenugreek powder in some water
      * Apply the paste all over hair and scalp – leave for 20 minutes & wash off

      6. Cures Baldness
      As it holds plenty of protein as well as nicotinic acid, the growth of hair is stimulated to a large extent. Hence, fenugreek powder is considered as a great therapy for balding hair

    Astonishing health benefits of fenugreek. It has anti aging effects. Moisturizes skin.prevents hair loss. Radiant skin. Fights dandruff. Prevents premature graying of hair. Helps control diabetes. Prevents heart attacks. Help prevents cancer. Alleviate menstrual cramps.improves breast milk production. Reduces cholesterol. Aids digestion. Reduces weight loss. Improves kidney functions. Protects the liver.

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