Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 300ml Beauty and Cosmetics

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    May 25, 2020
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    EXTRA VIRGIN COCONUT OIL, is traditionally extracted oil from fresh fruit of the coconut palm. Coconuts have been cultivated in west region of Ghana and been part of the diet and skin care for centuries. Lovina coconut oil is an important food oil, and is applied to skin and hair directly to protect our skin from sun and wind damage and has many other benefits, no chemical added.

    Many people wonder what coconut oil is used for and where to buy coconut oil in Ghana. Lovina Coconut Oil is extracted raw from fresh organic mature coconuts and processed at low temperatures. The coconuts are harvested from farms which have used neither inorganic fertilizers nor pesticides since they were planted. The traditional methods of cold pressing and fermenting the coconut flesh transform them into a wonderful and healthy Lovina coconut oil.

    This undiluted coconut oil is free from bleaching agents, has not been deodorized or fractionated and so maintains all its natural fresh coconut aroma and properties. The oil rich is Lauric Acid, completely cholesterol free, naturally sugar free and has thermogenic calorie burning properties. Scroll up to store information to know where to buy coconut oil in Ghana.


    Virgin Coconut Oil can be serve as skin cream, hair cream and mouthwash especially for babies, it can be used for cooking, baking and it is natural fresh coconut aroma and properties.

    HOW TO USE IT: Is very good for the body even if you have dry skin, apply coconut oil after washing and drying it lightly with a towel. You need only a small amount since the oil spreads well,

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