Centrifuge (6 Bucket Aneriod) Health and Wellness

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    Mar 20, 2024
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    The series of centrifuge frame is made of Steel plate, can be operated conveniently.

    It has the advantages of small cubage. low weight, large capacity, low noise and so on. It can be operated conveniently.

    It is an ideal instrument for hospitals, labs to make qualitative analysis to serum, plasma; radio-immunity.

    Product name: Medical Low Speed Centrifuge

    Speed Range: Start up-4000rpm, step speed adjustment

    Capacity: 20ml*6 tubes

    Maximum RCF: 1790x g

    Time setting range: 0-30 minutes

    Operation: Put the machine on a level and strong table and keep the working room clear 、dry and ventilated.

    Indoor temperture5- 32℃ is ok Open the power supply and make sure the indicator lamp is light.
    Shut the power switch. Open the cover of the machine, clear the rotor and container.
    Put the test tube (with same weight) into the machine.
    put down the cover of the machine .Adjust the timer as your requirement.
    Open the power switch. Adjust the governor as you requirement.
    Before you are going to stop the work, you should adjust the governor to “0”fist, and then shut the power supply .Clean the container and rotor, then put down the cover. Instructions:
    1. The instruments should be placed in the smooth on the environment should be clean and tidy, temperature. Humidity moderate ventilation.
    2. Use instrument, before knob on the minimum speed position.
    3. Will join the centrifugal separation material to insert the machine respectively for the centrifugal tube, in order to make instruments work stable performance is good, avoid to produce larger vibration, each centrifugal tube material must be added basic equal, symmetrical insert the machine for centrifugal tube, close the cover plate.
    4. Choose timing, timing knob moves to a “timing” or “often a” position.
    5. Switch ON the power, will the power switch as to “ON” position, indicator emit light. Slow speed adjustment knob, needed to speed.
    6. Stop before, must will speed in minimum knob position, turn off the power switch, cut off power supply.

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