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    Jan 5, 2022
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    General specifications at a glance- camp tent in ghana

    •  Silver glue coating, high density, effective sun protection, super sun protection tents are coated with silver glue, and the density of automatic tents is opened at high speed. It has a strong reflection effect on ultraviolet rays and effectively protects the skin
    • 2. Using 170T silver glue rain-proof and sun-proof fabric double-layer press line design, which can effectively prevent rain and make your travel safe and worry-free.
    • 3. Double-door and three-window structure with two front and rear curtains and a top skylight, matched with high-density B3 mesh ventilation windows, which have the functions of anti-mosquito, ventilation, ventilation, sunshade, lighting, and scenic views.
    • 4. The all-round enveloping design opens the skylight to give a sweeping view of the beautiful scenery, and close the doors and windows in rainy weather, which can shade and keep out the rain. In sunny weather, it is easy to shade and block ultraviolet rays, and it can also protect the skin of travelers.
    • 5. Panoramic sunroof, install sunroof, cover rainy weather, can shading and rain, sunny weather, suitable for sunshading and blocking ultraviolet rays can also protect. The sunroof cover is removed for fine weather. Good daylighting, enhanced air circulation, and unobstructed views of the sky

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