Theater Operating Light ( 5 bulbs Ceiling) Health and Wellness

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    Store Name: Tag Itela Medical Limited Call :0540732878 2nd Telephone Number: 0575004311 Whatsapp Number: 0540732878 Location: Mamprobi Sempe Accra, Ghana Email ID:
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    May 24, 2020
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    Do you want to know exactly where to buy surgical light or operation theatre light in Ghana? Do you want to know its price and exactly which shops in Ghana have them for sale? You can find all that information and much more right here on, your product information portal. Always choose to shop the easy way!

    Every hospital deserves theater operation theatre light or surgical light like these. These shadowless operating lights work well to ensure that the room is well illuminated and surgeons can see all they need to see in order to perform the surgeries they need without any obstruction. It is very efficient as well. They were specially designed with high quality materials to ensure longevity and quality. With these lights, you will surely get value for your money and will use it without any worries. Make sure your order your surgical light directly from the retailer above now.

    General specifications at a glance-Operation Theatre Light

    • Theater Operation Theatre Light (5 Bulbs)
    • Shadow less Operating Lamp With 5 reflectors Ceiling Suspension
    • FL 05meets the requirements of lighting for medium and small-scale surgical operations. It can be easily operated.
    • The ceiling structure saves space for
    • Surgical operation.
    • Luminance of main lamp 60,000 LX (at 1 m distance)
    • Color Temperature 4000K±500K
    • Power Supply 220V/50HZ
    • Rated Voltage of Bulb V AC24
    • Rated Power of Bulb 125 W
    • Input Power VA 150
    • Height for Installation 280-320cm

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