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    Mar 31, 2024
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    General specifications at a glance- Quantum Analyzer Price In Ghana

    • Quantum Magnetic Analyzer
    • This machine can scan more than 60 organs in ur body with 3 minutes and prefers where challenges are, this is the palm sensor and this is Generation 8

    Maya Medical have rich experience to build up the new hospital and new clinic , our one-stop service is your best choice !We concentrate on African market and set up two branches in Nigeria and Madagascar. Meanwhile, we have already established after-sale service office in Lagos Nigeria, Islambad Pakistan and also Neirobi Kenya.

    The advantages of hand infrared detection technology are as follows
    1. Operational safety:
    2. Dual octa-core processing chip.
    3. High sensitivity: no direct contact with the equipment, so the operation is very safe. The system runs faster, more smoothly and more efficiently. The detection sensitivity of modern infrared detectors to infrared radiation is high and the resolution of temperature is very high, which can be used to monitor and diagnose subtle changes.
    4. High diagnostic efficiency: since the response speed of the infrared detector is as high as nanosecond, the infrared radiation of the equipment can be quickly collected, processed and displayed, and the efficiency of monitoring and diagnosis of the equipment can be greatly improved.

    Sixth Generation Quantum Weak Magnetic Field Resonance Analyzer
    1. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular tests            2. Gastrointestinal function tests

    3. Liver tests                                                              4. Biliary tests

    5. Pancreatic tests                                                     6. Kidney tests

    7. Pulmonary tests                                                     8. Bone tests

    9. Pulse test                                                             10. Bone mineral density test

    11. Rheumatoid bone test                                        12. Blood glucose test

    13. Basic physical test                                             14. Human toxin test

    15. Trace element test                                             16. Human consciousness level test

    17. Respiratory function test                                    18. Blood lipid test

    19. Skin test                                                             20. Endocrine system test

    21. Immunization Force detection                             22. Bone nerve testing

    23. Vitamin testing                                                     24. Amino acid detection

    25. Bone growth index test                                        26. eye detection

    27. heavy metal detection                                         28. Allergy detection

    29. Dioxygenase detection                                        30. Obesity detection

    31. Collagen Detection                                              32. Large intestine detection

    33. Thyroid examination                                            34. Multiple motion detection

    35. Men’s functional test                                            36. Prostatic function test

    37. Sperm and semen test Meridian test                    38. Gynecological test

    39. Breast test                                                            40. Menstrual cycle test

    41. Meridian detected                                                 42 Fatty acid test report

    43. Body composition analysis report                         44. Expert analysis report

    45. Manual report

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