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    Feb 15, 2021
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    General specifications at a glance

    • 100% Natural Jasmine Parboiled Rice.
    • 25kg
    • It has a high nutritious value and helps prevent constipation as well.

    So what at all is parboiled rice? Well this is rice that has been partially boiled in the husk. There are 3 basic steps when it comes to parboiling. There are three basic steps when it comes to parboiling. They are soaking, steaming and drying. What these steps do is they make the rice easier to process by hand and boost its nutritional profile and change its texture as well. It is said that about 50% of the world’s paddy production is parboiled.

    Rice has many uses and can be used to prepare many dishes. In Ghana it is used to prepare many dishes like Jollof, waakye, omotuo, curry rice and others. Many ghanaians love rice and we are sure they will really enjoy this jasmine parboiled rice as well.  Make sure you order yours directly from the retailer above now. is a well known product information portal that helps people know exactly which shops in Ghana have the products they desire. It is so seamless and shopping is now so easy on!



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