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    Jun 20, 2024
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    General specifications at a glance

    • Oregano Oils
    • Treats calluses
    • Treats skin conditions
    • Great for hair
    • Stimulates hair growth

    Oregano oil should not be confused with common oregano which is used as a spice for cooking. This oil can be used either as a liquid or in the form of capsules

    1. Treats Skin Conditions
    The carvacrol compound in oregano oils helps in treating minor skin problems such as acne, cold sores, rashes and fungal infections when applied topically. This oil can be applied directly on acne lesions to speed up the healing process

    2. Treats Calluses
    Calluses can be treated by massaging the affected area with oregano oil diluted in coconut oil. Oregano is often used by manicurists for the treatment of growth of fungi between the finger and toe nails.l

    3. Cures Dandruff
    This oil removes dandruff in no more than just a week. For this purpose, you can mix a few drops of pure oregano oil per tablespoon of shampoo. Alternatively, you can create a topical ointment mixing an ounce of pure oregano oils with 4 ounces of coconut oil and apply it on the scalp after washing and conditioning your hair

    4. Stimulates Hair Growth
    Oregano oils can be mixed with other essential oils such as olive oil, jojoba oil or tea tree oil and used on scalp once a week or every two weeks. This will result in improving the conditions of thinning hair and stimulate hair growth

    Oregano oils can be used weekly or bi-weekly as part of a hair and scalp cleansing regimen to combat the problems of hair loss, balding, dandruff, head lice, ringworm, dermatitis, scabies or scalp inflammation



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