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    Mar 5, 2021
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    General specifications at a glance- glucose meter price in ghana

    • The OneTouch Select blood glucose monitor can be customized to your individual needs & shows you your blood glucose level instantly.
    • Simple to use
    • Sounds alerts
    • With colour and audio alerts, you are alerted when blood glucose levels are extremely high, high or low

    OneTouch SelectSimple Glucose Meter has an icon-driven interface with no coding, no setup or no buttons. Just insert the strip to start, apply blood, and results can be obtained in a matter of seconds. It allows your doctor to customize your action plan empowering you to better understand what corrective steps to undertake, when alerted of extremely high or low blood glucose levels. So you can address hypo- and hyper-glycemic episodes immediately, based on your doctor’s advice.

    Easy to learn, easy to teach
    From initial diagnosis to learn term treatment, diabetes management can be an overwhelming process for patients.

    This is why OneTouch SelectSimple is designed to keep testing easy for those suffering from Diabetes.

    -No setup

    -No coding

    -High/low alert

    Simplifying diabetes management with audio alerts
    OneTouch SelectSimple has visual and audio alerts that clearly notifies just within 5 seconds, if blood glucose level is high or low.

    Whether a person is suffering from diabetes or is newly diagnosed or have been diagnosed for a long period of time, OneTouch SelectSimple’s high-low alert provides a simple way of understanding their test results.

    High-Low Alerts
    Person suffering from diabetes will be alerted when their test results fall within the following low, high and very high ranges.

    High-Low Alert Reference Card
    People suffering from diabetes can now have your professional advice on hand, to immediately act upon corrective steps following a hypoglycemic and hyperglycemia episode.

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