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    • Mustard Oil

    Mustard oil is one of the most glorified and the authentic cooking oil which is a must in recipes but this darkish yellow oil is not only confined to cooking, it is also used for body massage, skin and hair rejuvenation and many rituals as well. It has been known to fight skin infections, removal of body toxins, resolving the dry skin issues, etc
    1. Natural Sunscreen
    We are now used to wearing a sunscreen containing SPF 20+, but we can’t overlook the natural sunscreen bestowed to us – the mustard oil. It is thick in consistency and have high levels of vitamin E, so it also doubles up as a natural sunscreen. The vitamin E in the mustard oil shields the skin from the harmful action of sun’s UV radiations and keeps the premature wrinkles and other signs of ageing at bay

    2. Lightens
    Throw away your artificial fairness creams that contain bleach which is utterly harmful to your skin. The mustard oil is a natural skin lightening agent which can give your fairness cream a tough competition. Massage your face regularly with mustard oil. Within few days, you will notice that tanning, dark spots and blemishes are diminishing

    3. Improves Complexion
    Most of us have adopted this misconception that when mustard oil applied directly to the face, it causes skin darkening. But in reality, just the opposite of it happens

    Mix coconut oil with mustard oil in equal quantities
    Apply this mixture of oil on your face. Massage it well using your fingertips till it gets absorbed by your skin
    4. Nourishes Scalp
    Mustard oil is blessed with loads of antibacterial and antifungal properties. So when you massage mustard oil in your scalp regularly, it will give you a squeaky clean scalp as well as freedom from dandruff. This is the great news for those who spend most of the time looking for dandruff in their scalp

    5. Prevents Greying
    We have seen our elders using mustard oil as their regular hair oil for massaging their scalp. Now we realise why people in the earlier ages had darker hair than ours. You can give up on those expensive hair dyes and artificial hair oil to prevent premature greying of hair

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