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    Sep 15, 2023
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    General specifications at a glance

    • Material: PET Plastic+ Liquid Crystal + Soft Magnetic
    • This product can safely and accurately measure the gas capacity, according to the gas temperature test, measuring the temperature range of -10 C~ 120 C. Will actually show you when you are low on gas, before you run out! Works while you are using the BBQ Save money by using more gas from each cylinder Safe & accurate Reusable Works on LPG (propane) & butane cylinders Magnetic backing allows for easy reuse on exchange bottles Comes with instruction
    • Never run out of Gas from now on. Measure your Gas with this level indicator, simply attach it to your gas tank cylinder with this magnetic Gas Level Indicator and it will show you how much gas is left in your tank.
    • Instructions: 1.Place your Gas Level Indicator on a clean area on the lower half of the cylinder. 2.Turn on the gas and wait 10 minutes before you can read your Indicator. 3.In the winter the bar on the left will be active, and in the summer the bar on the right will be active.
    • Buy with confidence.Any problems please feel free to leave messages to us. Will solved within 24 H (refund/replace/return.)

    Description: The Gas Level Indicator(GLI) can be used on propane, butane or mixed fuel gas cylinders. The GLI’s magnetic backing means it can be attached to the outside of the cylinder. The GLI has been mainly designed as a warning device which shows the gas bottle is running out. It is not a precise gauge of how much gas is left in the bottle, which is why the GLI is placed near the bottom of the bottle. The Science of the GLI On the label, each vertical bar is a different temperature liquid crystal(LC) mixture. There are 12 LC bars in total which ensures that whatever the ambient air temperature (where the bottle is stored), there will always be at least one LC bar that is showing colour. When gas is discharged from the cylinder ( i.e being used) the liquid changing to gas inside the bottle causes the cylinder to cool and a noticeable temperature difference is noted on the cylinder’s surface, above and below the liquid level. The cooling is caused by the gas absorbing heat energy from the cylinder and its surroundings because it changes from liquild ( under perssure) to a gas as it is released. The LC bar is able to indicate the change in temperature by changing colour vertically (blue to green to red) and show where the liquid gas level is. If the LC bar shows a constant colour the gas liquid gas level is above( or below) where the indicator has been placed.

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