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    Store Name: Addy’s kitchenwares gh Call : 0279328065 2nd Telephone Number: 0544993626 Whatsapp Number: 0279328065 Location: Accra, Ghana Email ID:
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    Apr 1, 2021
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    • Kenwood Blender
    • Combining a busy lifestyle with the desire to live a healthy and active life is an everyday challenge in today’s world. A smoothie or soup is often the easiest way to get more fruit and veg into our diets.
    • The new Kenwood Blend is here to help, whether you’re looking to prepare a morning smoothie, or you’ll want to experiment with homemade nut butter.
    • The 6 specifically designed Helix ForceTM blades will help blend tough ingredients, such as kale, to retain all the nutrients and the so-important fibres
    • Whether you’re looking to prepare a morning smoothie, or you want to experiment with homemade almond butter, Kenwood will help you do this with Blend-X PRO Performance blender.

    About Kenwood

    Kenwood Corporation is a well respected company that designs, develops and markets a range of electrical appliances. Their products are known for being very functional and also delivering high quality and longevity. This has made the Kenwood brand a well respected brand worldwide with numerous loyal customers in Ghana and around the world. It is a known fact that you cannot go wrong with Kenwood!

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