Now you can easily know which shop/retailer has the product you desire! Enjoy offline and online shops in Ghana by finding your desired product on Reapp! With Reapp.com.gh you can easily save time and money by simply searching for your desired product.

Reapp will show you the shop in Ghana that has the product you desire together with the the products description,prices and all other information you need to make an order directly from the retailer. It is simple,easy to use and has been described by many as a refreshingly new and efficient way to enjoy both online and offline retail in Ghana. Step into the future and shop the easy way with Reapp Ghana! Online Shopping in Ghana is so easy with reapp!


Who we are and What we do

Reapp.com.gh pronounced ‘reap’ is a business-to-consumer platform that enables shops/businesses to advertise their individual products online for FREE! Yes,simply listing your products on Reapp.com.gh is free. By creating this kind of meaningful engagement between retailers and customers, we make it easier for a retailer’s products to be found in timely fashion by the right customers.All the retailer’s information including but not limited to telephone numbers and locations are displayed,so retailers get to deal directly with customers. Online shopping in Ghana has never been easier!
Why is Reapp.com.gh beneficial to a customer? It is the easiest way to know where to find the product you desire locally and access all the relevant shop information, including but not limited to telephone numbers and locations, required to order the product directly from the retailer. Online shops in Ghana will never be the same again.

Tips for sellers interested in online shops in Ghana

  • Include some form of delivery service, whether free or paid. This is very necessary for online shops in Ghana
  • Make sure you upload correct information under appropriate categories. This is another very important thing for online shops in Ghana.
  • Good customer service cannot be overstated! Treat customers like royalty. Online shops must take note of this.

Note To All Online Shops in Ghana

Reapp does not advertise for individuals selling new or used items to make some quick cash. We only advertise for shops/businesses, no matter how small or large. This is what online shops in Ghana should be like!

01. Will I have to pay to list my products on reapp.com.gh?
After your free trial, which lasts for a minimum of 30 days, to continue enjoying our valuable offerings, you will have to to choose one of our paid packages which will be made available via e-mail.

02. I am an individual not a business owner but will like to sell some items. Can I list on Reapp.com.gh?
Sorry, We advertise for shops/businesses only. Accounts will not be created for individuals looking to make some quick cash by selling their used or new products. We deal with only serious online shops in Ghana.

03. Can I list on Reapp.com.gh even though my business is small and does not even have an official location?
Yes! Reapp.com.gh does not only deal with large companies. We are equally interested in advertising products for small businesses and helping them achieve their maximum potential.

04. I own a shop/business how do I register my shop on Reapp.com.gh?
It’s very easy. Register here! After registration, The review team of Reapp.com.gh will assess the shop information and give approval before the shop owner can have access to his/her account details. This review and approval process usually takes less than an hour. Account details are sent to shop owners via e-mail.

05. What do I do if I register and do not receive my account details in my e-mail inbox?
Kindly check your trash or spam.

06. How many products can an approved shop owner upload?
As many as you want. Approved online shops in Ghana have unlimited uploads.

Online shops in Ghana will never be the same again!

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