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    Green World Chitosan Capsule


    Green World Chitosan Capsule can reduce cholesterol levels: Chitosan is a fiber-like supplement that has been shown to lower cholesterol and raise HDL (“good”) cholesterol).


    GreenWorld Chitosan Capsule may have a greater impact on cholesterol levels than on weight loss. A 2018 review that pooled data on cholesterol levels from more than 1,000 people concluded that supplementing with chitosan lowered both total cholesterol and LDL (bad) cholesterol (10Trusted Source).

    Although HDL (good) cholesterol was unaffected, chitosan supplementation may still be an effective part of a cholesterol management plan (10Trusted Source).

    However, there are other natural cholesterol reducers that have more evidence supporting their effectiveness than chitosan.

    In conclusion of this study:

    It shows that chitosan may be somewhat effective at lowering cholesterol levels. However, more research is needed, and many other natural cholesterol reducers are backed by more evidence.


    This Supplement: Green World Chitosan Capsule can improve kidney health within a short period of time. Significant reductions in urea and creatinine levels in serum were observed after 4 weeks of chitosan ingestion. The feeling of physical strength, the appetite and the sleep of patients in the treatment group had improved significantly after 12 weeks of ingestion, compared with those of patients in the control group.


    Other important information about this supplement are below:

    Characteristics and Benefits of  Green World Chitosan Capsule:

    1. Reduces blood lipid; helps weight loss;

    2. Reduces blood sugar;

    3. Strengthens the function of liver; prevents liver against damage of toxins;

    4. Promotes healing of gastric ulcer


    Green World Chitosan Capsule is Suitable for:

    1. People who desire to lose weight

    2. People with high blood lipid and high blood sugar

    3. People with fatty liver, hepatitis or other liver disorders

    4. People with gastric ulcer.


    Recommended Usage:

    Take two (2) capsules each time, twice daily. For weight loss, please contact us for more information on how to use Chitosan effectively.

    Caution: If you are Blood Group A, B, AB, or reacts to crustaceans, then this supplement won’t be suitable for you. You may experience stomach inflammation.

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