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    May 26, 2024
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    Organ meats tend to be highly nutritious — and tripe is no exception.

    It’s low in calories but loaded with important nutrients your body needs to thrive.

    A 5-ounce (140-gram) serving of cooked beef tripe provides (2Trusted Source):

    Calories: 131
    Fat: 5 grams
    Protein: 17 grams
    Vitamin B12: 15% of the Reference Daily Intake (RDI)
    Selenium: 25% of the RDI
    Calcium: 10% of the RDI
    Zinc: 15% of the RDI
    Phosphorus: 10% of the RDI
    Iron: 5% of the RDI
    Magnesium: 5% of the RDI
    Tripe is also a good source of manganese and niacin (B3).

    It is an excellent source of highly absorbable protein and contains an impressive amount of vitamin B12, selenium and zinc — nutrients that are lacking in many people’s diets (3Trusted Source, 4Trusted Source, 5Trusted Source).

    Tripe is low in calories yet rich in protein, vitamin B12 and the minerals zinc and selenium.

    Potential Benefits
    Tripe can benefit both your health and your wallet in the following ways.

    Rich in High-Quality Protein
    Your body needs protein for vital processes, such as cellular communication, fluid balance, immune system function and tissue repair and maintenance (6Trusted Source).

    Tripe is a complete source of protein, meaning that it contains all nine essential amino acids your body needs to function.

    Adding protein-rich foods to your diet is an excellent way to lose excess body fat or maintain a healthy weight.

    Protein is the most filling of all nutrients. Adding a protein source like tripe to meals and snacks can help reduce hunger, preventing the chances of overeating (7Trusted Source).

    Affordable and Sustainable
    Because tripe is not as desirable as steak and other meat products, it’s a more affordable protein option for those trying to save money.

    Plus, purchasing tripe supports the nose-to-tail consumption of animals, which cuts down on food waste.

    Unlike traditional methods in which every part of an animal killed for food was used, modern-day meat production often leads to less in-demand animal parts being thrown away (8Trusted Source).

    Choosing to eat organ meats and other slaughter by-products like tripe promotes a less wasteful way of consuming animals.

    An Excellent Source of Vitamins and Minerals
    Tripe packs an impressive amount of nutrients, including selenium, zinc and vitamin B12.

    A 5-ounce (140-gram) serving of cooked beef tripe delivers 25% of the RDI for selenium and more than 15% of the RDI for both vitamin B12 and zinc.

    Vitamin B12 is essential for red blood cell production, nerve transmission and energy production, while zinc is vital for cell division, immune function and carbohydrate metabolism (9Trusted Source, 10Trusted Source).

    Selenium is a mineral that acts as a powerful antioxidant in your body. It’s also needed for DNA production, thyroid health and metabolism (11Trusted Source).

    Additionally, tripe is a good source of the minerals calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron.

    Aside from being rich in cholesterol, the smell, taste and texture of tripe might turn some people off.

    Tripe is a tough-textured meat that is usually pre-cooked before being sold to consumers.

    However, it still needs to be cooked for a long period of time — usually two to three hours — before it’s ready.

    In order to soften the texture, moist cooking methods like boiling or stewing are recommended.

    Additionally, seasoning with spices and fresh herbs is recommended to enhance the bland flavor of tripe.

    Even though cooking and seasoning should make this organ meat tastier, some people — especially those with aversions to chewy, textured foods — may not be a fan.

    What’s more, some say that raw tripe has a distinct smell, which may not sit well with some people.

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