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    Feb 23, 2024
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    forever ginkgo plus

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    General specifications at a glance- Forever Ginkgo Plus In Ghana

    Supplement to Enhance Blood Circulation

    o    Food for the brain, enhance blood circulation in the brain.

    o    Potent anti-oxidant, anti-aging, anti-stress and anti-depressant.

    o    Reduces risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

    o    Increases oxygen supply to the heart, brain and the entire body.

    o    Normalizes blood sugar and blood pressure, inhibits blood clotting.

    o    Improves memory and relieves muscle pains.

    o    Helpful for vertigo, hearing loss, impotence, tinnitus, varicose veins, hemorrhoids.

    o    Relieves leg cramps by improving circulation.

    o    Effective for asthma, eczema, kidney disorders.

    o    Helps in the treatment of fatigue, viral infections, tumor, cancer, migraine.

    o    Prevents graying of hair (due to Fo-ti content).

    o    Regulates the immune system

    o    Feed your mind with Ginkgo Biloba, the legendary “brain tonic” dating back 5000 years ago. Forever Ginkgo Plus is a unique blend of four Chinese plants. Ginkgo tree is said to be the oldest surviving tree species.

    o    They live incredibly long (often over 1,000years), and are extremely resistant to fungi and insects. Ginkgo Biloba is one of the most popular herbal supplements available in Europe and North America.
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