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    Apr 7, 2021
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    What are you afraid of? Public speaking; asserting yourself; making decisions; being alone; intimacy; changing jobs; interviews; going back to school; ageing; ill health; driving; dating; ending a relationship; losing a loved one; becoming a parent; leaving home, failure, believing in yourself…

    Internationally renowned author Susan Jeffers has helped millions of people overcome their fears and heal the pain in their lives with her simple but profound advice. Whatever your anxieties, Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway® will give you the insight and tools to vastly improve your ability to handle any given situation. You will learn to live your life the way you want – so you can move from a place of pain, paralysis, depression and indecision to one of power, energy, enthusiasm and action.

    An empowering and life-affirming book, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway will help you triumph over your fears and move forward with your life.

    This book is just fantastic. It does not only tell you how to embrace challenges but also gives you nuance idea to combat it. The author’s reflection of her life and coming up with the emerging situation is likely to be a universal chord for us. In sum, life is a beautiful, shake hands with fear, work to combat it and move to the upward ladder of the success. This book makes you a. understand life b. embrace challenges c. go for it. Every time, when I feel less confident or go for a new initiative, I flip the pages randomly and read it loudly. It is powerful. Each page has a philosophy of life and success. Regarding paper quality and price, it is okay, and if it works for you, it is priceless. Go for it.

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