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    Mar 20, 2020
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    General specifications at a glance

    • Dr Fixit Crack X Powder 1Kg
    • Physical State Powder
    • Usage Industrial, Personal
    • Packaging Size 500 gm, 1, 5, 25 Kg
    • Coverage 18-20 running meters/kg for 5 mm x 5 mm groove
    • Brand Dr. Fixit
    • Area of Application To provide smooth finish to brick, stone, and wood works,To fill the static cracks of 3 to 5 mm size

    Dr. Fixit Crack-X Powder Is A Cement Based Polymer Modified Powder Material For Filling Cracks In Plastered Surface. ItIs Composed Of Cement, Properly Selected Aggregates, Polymer & Additives Which Requires On Site Addition Of Water Only.It Is Ideal To Fill 3 To 5 Mm Wider Static Cracks, For Leveling Up Walls Before Tiling And For Skimming Expanded PolystyreneAnd Asbestos Because It Has Strong Adhesion, Is Non-Shrink In Nature, Good Water Resistance Properties & WeatheringDurability. Cracks Filled With Dr. Fixit Crack-X Powder Enhances The Subsequent Paintings Quality And Life.

    Areas Of Application:

    • To Fill The Static Cracks Of 3 To 5 Mm Sizes In Horizontal Or Vertical Areas Of Buildings & Structures.
    • To Level The Undulation Of The Unplastered Or Plastered Ceilings And Walls Before Painting.
    • To Provide Smooth Finish To Brick, Stone, And Wood Works.
    • As An Excellent Sculpting Material.
    • Mixed With Mineral Wool, Unifiller Can Be Used For Pipe Lagging In Awkward Places

    Method Of ApplicationSurface Preparation:

    • Remove Old Caulk From Joints. The Edges Of The Joints Should Be Neat And Sound.
    • Make Sure That Surface Is Clean & Free From Puddle Of Water.
    • The Surface Should Be Free Of Loose Debris.
    • Contaminations Of Oil, Grease Or Bitumin Should Be Completely Cleaned.
    • Damp Wood Should Be Allowed To Dry Out And Decayed Wood Should Be Removed.
    • Roughen Smooth Surfaces To Give A Good Key.


    • For Crack Filling – Fill The Mixed Paste Into The Crack By Spatula Or Putty Knife Blade. Fill Excess Material And Tool It By Putty Knife Blade Pressing Against Crack So That Air Voids Get Filled. By Wet Finger Tool The Surface Of Material In To A Concave Nature By Pressing Against Joint Edges.
    • For Surface Leveling – The Mixed Smooth Paste Should Be Applied By Painter Blade On The Dampened Wall Or Ceiling. The Material Should Be Applied At The Desired Thickness In Bottom- To -Up Fashion To Avoid Blade Marks. For Multiple Coat Applications The Previous Coat Should Be Allowed To Cure For Minimum 6 Hrs. The Subsequent Coat Should Be At The Right Angle To The Previous Coat.

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