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    Feb 26, 2024
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    Do you want to know where to find an alkaline cup in Ghana? Do you want to know its price and the exact shop that has alkaline water and cups for sale? You can get all that and more right here on reapp.com.gh!

    Benefits of Alkaline Water

    The human body has a blood pH of 7.365 and it is essential to maintain this pH balance. Much of what we eat, such as processed sugar, meat, dairy, and coffee has an acidic effect on the pH balance. As an effect, the body has to work extra hard to restore itself to a neutral pH. Alkaline Water greatly assists in the balancing process by introducing a higher pH to the body to offset the low pH and therefore, the natural balance is reestablished. Alkaline Water also significantly helps the body absorb minerals because of its high oxygen content. This is highly important because, if the body does not have enough minerals, such as calcium, it tries to find it elsewhere and could potentially steal it from the bones in our body. This weakens the bones and could cause major problems later in life.

    The Classy Style Alkaline Cup has the ability to raise the pH of filtered water to as high as 9.5! This is an amazing property of this cup because most calcite filters can only raise the pH to 7.5.

    Other benefits include:

    • Helps detoxification
    • Supports fat loss
    • Reduces water retention
    • Improves circulation
    • Supports the liver and kidneys
    • Promotes a healthy mood
    • Helps eliminate toxic metals 
    • Reduces lactic acids and free fatty acids
    • Prevention of bacteria growth
    • Helps prevents and relieve joint pains and arthritis
    • Fights infections and reduces risk of getting cancer
    • Eliminates odor in water
    • Purifies air
    • Improves health
    • Boosts cell regeneration
    • Balances acidic levels in our body
    • Normalizes blood cholesterol
    • Promotes a healthy mood
    • Prevents constipation 



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