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    Lotions and creams containing camphor can be used to relieve skin irritation and itchiness and may help to improve the overall appearance of skin

    Beautiful skin and crowning glory are any girl’s dream. What if I told you there is a simple ingredient that can help you to look great

    1. Relieves Skin Itching & Irritation
    The cool and aromatic camphor can be used to alleviate skin itching and irritation. So, the next time you feel like scraping your skin red, apply camphor oil mix with jojoba for instant relief
    2. Cures Acne
    Camphor is an excellent remedy for acne as it reduces redness and irritation

    It is fantastic for acne as it works well with the skin, bringing down the pain and swelling. With the help of camphor, you can regain your flawless and blemish-free skin
    How to Use: Mix 1 cup of coconut oil, 1 teaspoon of camphor oil in an air-tight jar/ bottle.
    * Wash your face with a cleanser and pat it dry
    * Take about a teaspoon of the oil blend and massage it into the problem areas on your skin
    * Leave it overnight
    * Wash off the oil with lukewarm water and a cleanse in the morning
    3. Good For Filling Up Cracked Heels
    Camphor can soften your cracked heels. For relief from cracked heels, you need to soak your feet in a solution of camphor and warm water and then scrub the feet

    Following this, you may apply a cream, moisturizer or petroleum jelly on them. This will keep your skin moist and prevent cracks from occurring
    4. Strengthens Hair Roots
    The use of camphor oil can alleviate this issue without causing damage to the hair
    It can reinvigorate the hair roots

    Egg or yogurt combined with camphor oil can supply your hair with the much-needed nutrients. Not only does camphor oil promote hair growth, but it can also fight hair-loss
    5. Improves Hair Texture
    Winds and harsh heat can make our strands of hair look like a broom. Use of camphor oil can make your hair smooth and soft

    Periodic use of camphor oil can improve the texture of your hair making it soft



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