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    General specifications at a glance

    • Calicium tablets
    • 100 chewable tablets
    • NB: The primary source of calcium in the body is the entire bones.
    • Unhealthy diet creates acidic pH in the body and this can cause the kidneys to leech calcium from major bones (limbic joints) in order to balance the blood pH. If you have low calcium levels, you tend have various joints and muscle pains.
    • Women lose calcium in blood via menstrual flow, while pregnant, while breastfeeding, and during child birth
    • Men lose calcium after every ejaculation and physical exercises. Hence they need to regularly take calcium to avoid joint issues especially knee issues at old age.
    • Children need calcium for their growth for healthy bones and teeth.
    • Helps prevent osteoporosis and brittle bones
    • It strengthens and improves brain development and memory by nourishing the brain cells
    • Good for people with arthritis
    • Good for building strong heart muscles and general body muscles
    • Improves blood production (haemoglobin) and so good for anemic people
    • Provides energy for daily activities.

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