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    Renowned across for its various health and wellness benefits, Lovina Black Soap is one of the healthiest soaps you can buy for the skin.  The purity of the ingredients themselves can be traced to their organic cultivation methods.

    The undiluted nutrients in this simple Soap are loaded with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  The Soap both cleanses and moisturizes the skin with it’s nourishing balance of ingredients.
    Cut the soap into tiny pieces to make it soluble in water. You can also knead it into a ball and make sure there aren’t any pointy, sharp or rough edges. Then rub it in between hands to work it into lather.

    You can cut the Soap into tiny pieces and put it in a bowl. Then pour water to make it soluble for as long it can take. Apply it directly to the skin gently, washing and rinsing when having your baths.

    Avoid getting the soap to the eyes. If you have sensitive skin or very reactive skin don’t leave the soap on the skin for a long period of time.
    If you want to get the natural organic soap, go for Lovina Black Soap you can get your hands on with synthetic extras or fragrances otherwise except approved fragrances.

    TEST IT BEFORE USE: Test it out with your inner elbow skin first as you would with any new beauty treatment. Lovina Black Soap works deeply and gently cleansing the skin and hair without harsh chemicals.
    It is produced with natural additives like ash from cocoa pods, coconut oil and palm kernel oil. Lovina Black Soap is firm but not hard like a bar soap. You may experience purging, you may notice a tingling or slight burning sensation when you use it initially, this is normal and go away after few days. But please do a patch test before committing to using it as your primary body and hair cleanser
    When exposed to the air, the soap can develop a thin white film. It’s not going off or losing it efficacy it can still be used but you have better use when it’s properly covered.

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