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    May 27, 2024
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    General specifications at a glance

    • Regulates the balance of intestinal bacteria
    • Promotes mineral absorption
    • The intestinal pH level is adjusted to reduce the risk of intestinal disease
    • Lower blood fat and cholesterol
    • Relieves constipation
    • Regulates blood sugar
    • Improves the immune system
    • Enhances flavor
    • Enhances anti-inflammatory effect

    Ferment, commonly known as enzyme, plays an extensive role as a catalyst in all living organisms. All metabolic activities in living organisms take place with the presence of enzyme as the catalyst.

    Due to its absolute specificity, each enzyme will catalyze only one particular reaction, i.e. each enzyme has only one function. Hence, combination of several enzymes exhibits greater functionality. Every single enzyme virtually regulates specific chemical reaction in human bodies and thus the presence of enzymes is crucial to ensure they function properly.

    Without enzymes, organs are not able to function and, consequently, metabolic activities would not take place. Without enzymes, living organisms are not able to survive.

    Adwelle is a plant-based natural supplement that combines both fruits and grains essences, which are rich in protein, carbohydrates, fibers, vitamin, minerals and other nutritional ingredients. The protease extracted from pineapple and papaya is highly bio-catalytic.

    Probiotics are currently found to be the best and functional oligofructose. Its water-soluble fibre can promote the growth of beneficial bacteria such as bifid-bacterium and lactobacillus, and effectively inhibit the proliferation of harmful bacteria.

    Inflammation is a defensive reaction to stimulation. In the process of the human body fighting against an external virus, bacteria or foreign substances, the destruction of tissue and cells is directly or indirectly caused. This is through the inflammation, congestion and exudation reactions, with dilution, killing and encirclement of the aforementioned harmful factors. The damaged tissue can be repaired and healed by the regeneration of parenchyma and mesenchyme cells at the same time.


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