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    Warticon is a genital warts treatment available on prescription from Prescription Doctor.

    The treatment belongs to a class of medicines known as antivirals. It the spread of the human papillomavirus (HPV) in the body.

    Warticon is available as a topical cream or solution/suspension that is applied directly to the affected areas.

    You can order genital wart treatments online from Prescription Doctor following a short online consultation with one of our doctors.

    What are genital warts?
    What do genital warts look like?
    Genital warts are small lumps or growths which appear on and around the genitals. Warts on the genitals may appear in scattered clusters that resemble cauliflower florets. They may be itchy or bleed, especially if scratched, though the warts are painless in most cases.

    Symptoms of genital warts in men include:

    Painless growths or lumps on the skin of the penis or scrotum
    Genital itching and bleeding
    A change in your normal pee flow

    The active ingredient of Warticon is podophyllotoxin. It works by inhibiting the virus’ ability to replicate inside the body.

    To maintain its presence in the body, the virus infects a host cell.

    The virus injects its genetic instructions into the cell, making the cell produce more copies of the virus.

    Once these copies are ready, they escape the nucleus, killing the cell in the process. These new copies then seek out other host cells and the cycle continues.

    When podophyllotoxin is absorbed by the skin, it prevents these cells from dividing. As a result, the cells die along with the virus, which allows new and healthy cells to take their place. Over time, the virus’ presence in the body diminishes enough for the immune system to take over, clearing warts.

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