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    Store Name: Leter Artificial Grass and 3D wallpapers. Call :0556699434 2nd Telephone Number: 0555116051 Whatsapp Number: 0556699434 Location: North Kaneshie - Awudome Roundbaout , Accra-Ghana Email ID: leterint@gmail.com
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    Feb 18, 2021
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    • Are you tired of always having to paint your room walls when they go dirty? Do you want your room to look more beautiful. Are you looking for solutions to cover the paint which is peeling off the walls? Then get this durable, leaf wallpaper.

    Benefits of leaf wallpaper

    While leaf wallpaper may require a little more knowledge and skill to apply, most wallpaper will last between 10-15 years .This means after applying it, you will enjoy its goodness for a long period of time. Your walls will look fresh and clean for many years to come. However, with painted walls, the wall will chip and crack after sometime and requires more cleaning up to keep it looking good. With walls, they require repainting after only a few years and in turn requires more work,time and money. Save yourself all that trouble and get leaf wallpaper today. You will never regret it.

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