Russell Hobbs 3 Tier Food Steamer, 800W, 9L Home and Living

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    Sep 17, 2021
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    General specifications at a glance

    • Ideal for steaming rice, vegetables, meat and fish the three tier steamer provides one of the healthiest ways to cook minimising the loss of nutrients and vitamins
    • With a powerful 800 W and turbo steam design, you can cook food on multiple levels all at once saving you time energy and money
    • Three separate basket layers provide a generous 9 Litre capacity ideal when entertaining guests or cooking for larger families
    • With two water inlets, one on each side you can easily refill your steamer, regardless of where it’s sat on your kitchen worktop
    • Requiring no oil and giving off no smoke, steaming your food leaves very little mess to clean up after you have finished

    Most food favourites benefit from the steam treatment – it’s a healthier way to cook without adding oils or fat. Meat and fish keeps its flavour and succulence because the steaming process infuses the food, sealing in its natural juiciness and nutritional values.

    The Russell Hobbs 3 Tier Food Steamer has stacked baskets with a total capacity of 9 litres so you can steam different foods simultaneously without having to juggle pots and pans on your cooker hob. It saves on washing up too!

    The turbo steam ring design creates a plume of steam in less than 40 seconds and, because steaming is faster and uses less energy than a conventional oven, you can whip up a meal faster without running up your fuel bill.

    If you haven’t tried steaming, why not give it a go and look forward to a rainbow selection of fresh healthy foods that are full of flavour and natural goodness.

    1) Fill the reservoir to the maximum (1.3 litres) with fresh cold water. This will give you up to 60 minutes steaming – more than enough time for most foods yet filling it this way ensures you don’t run out of steam.

    2) Although some people like to add stock to the water if cooking rice, seasoning, marinades etc. should be added to the food itself, not to the water.

    3) Check that the steam tube is sitting on the floor of the reservoir, and centred on the element.

    The basket handles are marked 1, 2, and 3. Fit basket 1 on top of the tray, then put food in the basket. Fit basket 2 on top of basket 1, then put food in basket 2. Fit basket 3 on top of 2 and put food in that one.

    Juices from the upper baskets will drip into the baskets below, so don’t put delicate flavours below strong ones, or vegetables below greasy foods.

    Pack food loosely in the baskets – Whenever possible, use single layers of food – If you use more than one layer of food, leave space between the pieces to let the steam circulate through the layers – Don’t line the baskets with paper, foil, or anything that will block the steam holes

    To make sure everything is cooked uniformly, try to cut all pieces of food in any one basket to roughly the same size. Put larger pieces, or food with long cooking times, closer to the tray and smaller pieces, or food with short cooking times, furthest from it

    Don’t try to steam your food without the lid. It won’t cook, the water won’t last, and you’ll fill the kitchen with steam.

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