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    General specifications at a glance

    • Pink & white marshmallows
    • Unique soft texture
    • Kids and grown-ups love it so the happy world of Haribo
    • Have you tried Haribo sweets
    • Haribo is the leading gums and jellies brand in the UK, with a range of sweets to suit your taste buds
    • Give them a try

    Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Dextrose, Water, Humectant: Sorbitol Syrup, Gelatine, Natural Flavouring, Colour: Carmines

    Haribo Jellies – The Ingredients
    Haribo makes high demands with regard to the quality of basic ingredients used in their products. Only absolutely perfect raw materials are used in Haribo products. Jelly products are made from a mixture of glucose syrup (makes them transparent), sugar and dextrose (for sweetness) and gelatine (for the “chew”). Added to this mixture are fruit and plant extracts, flavours, starches and a little citric acid. Gelatine – the alternative to Gummi arabicum.

    Since the eighties, Haribo have generally been using gelatine in place of the Gummi arabicum which had been used most frequently as a basic ingredient until this time. Gelatine contains neither fats nor carbohydrates.

    Some jelly products are also made with starch (e.g. Funny Mix or Jelly Beans) which means that these products can be enjoyed by vegetarians.

    Since the end of the eighties, Haribo products have obtained their colourful appearance as a result of the use of fruit and plant extract concentrates. Mixtures containing fruit preparations such as blackcurrants, oranges, lemons, elderberries, red currants, aronia, grape, spinach, nettle, passion fruit, mango, carrots, kiwi and apple produce the necessary colours.

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