Cordyceps Militaris 60 capsules Health and Wellness

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    Cordycepin, Cordycepicacid, Cordyceps, polyaccharide, adenosine, SOD(anti oxidant enzyme) and protein. The high concentration of active properties in our cordycep.


    • Very effective in the treatment of cancer and breast lumps
    • Aids in the proper functions of the lungs, liver and kidney
    • Proven to be highly effective in improving sperm production and sexuality in men
    • Anti ageing
    • Excelent in the treatment of chronic bronchitis, asthma, tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases
    • It alleviates fatigue, cold intolerance, dizziness, frequent noctoria (frequent urination at night) and amnesia
    • It enhances immunity and reduces blood cholesterol level
    • Quite effective in the treatment of impotence
    • It is a proven agent as anti-microbial, steroidogenic, hypoglacaemic, hypolipidaemic, anti-angiogentic, anti-diabetic, anti-AIDs, anti-malaria etc.

    It is approved by Food and Drug Authority(FDA)

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