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    Store Name: Pegy\'s Hub Call :0200826622 2nd Telephone Number: 0542751403 Whatsapp Number: 0557755251 Location: Spintex Road, Accra-Ghana Email ID:
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    Dec 9, 2019
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    • Code curves
    • helps diminish bad chemicals your body produces under stress. Stress on your body can be caused by lifestyle, food choices, lack of sleep, emotional stress, etc. This causes fat to be deposited in your stomach, lower back, chin line, arms, etc. These are chemicals like cortisol. These ingredients help destroy those chemicals naturally
    • It can support muscle growth. It helps your body recuperate faster from muscle tissue fatigue. It supplies important nutrients directly to your muscles (your body breaks them down of course).
    • It helps balance hormones while activating receptors & hormones which are responsible for puberty. These are naturally supplied by Mother Earth so any excess your body doesn’t need is safely released from your body when you use the restroom.

    Over time your body may get accustomed to this new pattern and it begins to distribute fat in this pattern thus you can quit and not worry about losing results. The time this takes is usually between 4-9 weeks.

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