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    Jan 9, 2022
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    How does your future look? Is it bright, dim, incredible or bleak? Do you wish to discover the tools by which you can design a better future for yourself? The power of choice has been given to each of us. How we formulate our choices now becomes crucial to the quality of life we live in the near future. Mensa Otabil and his new book, Buy the Future, employs a familiar story – the productive and non-productive values systems of individuals and corporate bodies – to profoundly illustrate how individuals can start life together, yet grow in different ways.

    In this groundbreaking book, you will see how these two different ways continue to shape both personal and organizational outcomes.

    Buy the Future will help you to:
    – Understand how the form of your values, beliefs and assumptions shape the way you relate to other people and solve problems.
    – Muster the courage to question those negative attitudes which continue to feed the situations you dislike.
    – Learn to respond to life from a position of strength instead of weakness.
    – Discover the tools to redesign your life and future.
    – Think outside of past traditional logic and methods and innovate new strategies to achieve your success.
    – Negotiate your life from a position of advantage rather than that of a disadvantage.

    The future has no power to design itself – it only takes the form and shape of our actions and inactions today. Buy the Future!

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