Baileys Irish Cream 1L Alcoholic Drinks

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    Nov 5, 2022
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    • Baileys Irish Cream
    • 1L

    About Baileys

    From the world’s first cream liqueur to the world’s most loved spirit
    Once upon a time, a small, let’s say, determined group had a brilliant but lofty idea where they tried to have their cake and eat it too.

    You see, our founders wanted to take two simple treasures that their country was known for, delicious dairy cream and world-renowned Irish whiskey, and combine them. It took two years of trial and error but by 1974 we had added the finest spirits, rich chocolate and vanilla flavors (with some other flavors and ingredients) along with a little magic, to create the Baileys recipe we now know and love.

    Instead of kicking back and coasting on the fact that we had created the world’s most loved spirit, we set our sights on innovation and delicious trend setting. And it all begins and ends with Baileys ingredients.

    Just think about it. Every year, roughly 200 million litres of fresh Irish milk are required to produce the creamiest of cream used in the production of Baileys. That’s enough to make about 3.3 billion Baileys milkshakes, give or take.

    This milk is mostly supplied from small, family-owned farms. We’re talking farms where the cows roam freely on luscious green fields handed down from one generation to the next. Some of these thousands of acres are dotted with protected bog, natural woodland, wild meadows and native hedgerows. Sanctuaries for small animals, birds, bees and butterflies. Living the high life!

    Now, we know how amazing our Irish whiskey is.
    Then, there’s the Irish whiskey and the fine spirits. The Irish have been distilling whiskey since somewhere around 1000 A.D., when Irish monks brought the technique home from their visits to Mediterranean countries. Since we’re getting historical here, the word whiskey translates from the Irish language to ‘water of life’.

    What a thought, mixing the ‘water of life’ with other fine spirits and luscious cream, then adding rich chocolate & vanilla flavors with other flavors and ingredients. No wonder we’ve made such an incredibly delicious treat.

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