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    Store Name: Jays Nappies Call :0248273977 2nd Telephone Number: 0243187374 Whatsapp Number: 0248273977 Location: Accra,Ghana Email ID:
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    Aug 31, 2019
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    General specifications at a glance- Asda Nappy Bags In Ghana

    • Asda Nappy Bags
    • Multipurpose nappy bags with tie handles
    • 300pcs pack – Diapers
    •  Sanitary Towels
    •  Washcloths

    Smart Price Nappy Bags have been carefully made to provide the ideal way to dispose of used nappies. Simply pop the nappy into the bag together with any cotton wool or wipes used during a nappy change. Once the handles have been tied together, the fragrance will mask any unpleasant smells. Can be used for sanitary disposal also. Makes you and most importantly everyone around comfortable in home or while travelling. For dog or cat owners, this bag also helps you dispose dog/cat throw efficiently,anytime anywhere without disturbing smell. Comes with tie handles . Its easy for you to hang it or tie it securely before disposal. Quite large. Size :33cm x 15cm x 13cm include handles. Can fit a few of nappies at a time. (Depends on nappy size) Lasts more than 3 months for 1 pack regular use for one child. Always dispose of nappies hygienically in a bin. Never flush nappies down the toilet. Safety First! Keep out of reach of babies and children. Do not use to store food.



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