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    Store Name: Royal Spark Gh Call : 0240705359 2nd Telephone Number: 0240705359 Whatsapp Number: 0240705359 Location: Accra and Takoradi, Ghana Email ID:
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    Mar 24, 2021
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    General specifications at a glance- Aloe vera gel ghana

    • Aloe Vera Gel
    • High quality and natural
    • Can be applied to skin to soothe and moisturize it
    • Great for treating sunburns
    • Helps treat acne too
    • Can be used to combat skin aging
    • Works well to lessen the visibility of stretch marks on the skin

    About Aloe Vera

    What is this wonderful plant all about. Well, Aloe vera is a cactus plant that emanates from the Liliaceae family. This crop grows in dry climates. These climates are usually found in Africa and India. It has been used for manyy many centuries for medicinal purposes. Aloe vera leaves secrete a clear gel, popularly called aloe vera gel. This gel when broken off from the rest of the leaf is used for many purposes including but not limited to being applied topically to heal wounds and soothe skin. Aloe vera is a true life saver and works wonders for many peoples skin. Order yours directly from the retailer above now!

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